Ahimsa Forum – Global Health Social Entrepreneurship and Faith Inspired Communities – June 27-30 2017

129 Participants from 35 countries

Thursday, June 29th – Session 7 : LEADERS

Faith inspired communities face cascading challenges in the workplace but they add very

specific values, perspectives and vision that are commonly undervalued. There are, however, remarkable

stories of success and behind them are special leaders. We need such leaders for a better world. How do

successful leaders stand out and what can we learn?

Setsuko Klossowska de Rola, Unesco’s artist for Peace JAPAN

Valérie Lorentz-Poinsot, Executive Director, Laboratoire Boiron FRANCE


« Impossible is just an illusion » – Zeina ABDO – Founder, Smile for Hope (Lebanon)

 « Leadership is about creating a community of mutual respect, purpose and a commitment to do good. » – Arancha GONZALEZ, Executive Director, International Trade Center (Spain)

 « Humility is the lynchpin of the service of transformative leadership. » – Azza KARAM, Sr. Adviser, UN Interagency Task Force on Religion and Development (Egypt)

 « The fire in your belly has to be stronger than the fire outside. » – Linda MAFU, Head Political, Civil Society Advocacy, Global Fund (South Africa)

 « Dreaming is good, but if you don’t build your dreams, that’s just fantasy. » – Tony MELOTO, Founder, Gawad Kalinga (Philippines)

 « You matter… dare to be ! » – Saba AL MUBASLAT, Chief Executive Officier, Humanitarian Leadership Academy (Jordan)

 « With the right attitude, problems in life become blessings and opportunities. » – Richard NIJIMBERE, Deputy Manager, Maison Shalom (Burundi) 

 « Charting the direction to reach new goals by taking the responsability and the risks for doing what is right. » – Joanna RUBINSTEIN, President and CEO, World Childhood Foundation (Sweden)

 « There is no genuine progress without genuine love. » – Dylan WILK, Executive Director, Human Nature (Philippines)




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